New to this? Good, lets get started

I believe that to really make it in this kind of business you have to have a passion or a burning desire towards something. Maybe it’s a hobby that brings nothing but joy to your life. Or maybe you have an amazing skill that you want to share with the world. no matter how big or small it is as long as it means something to you, and you care deeply about you can absolutely make it in the online world of sales. And that’s where you will unlock the massive potential to create wealth. When you deeply care about something it just becomes so much easier to build a rapport or human connection with someone who is even slightly interested in what you have to offer, or teach, or even just show. And human connection is literally everything when it comes to making any kind of money, online or not. So your first big homework assignment is digging deep inside and having a good conversation with yourself about what you really care about in life. It can literally be anything (lets hope it’s legal lol) from fishing, to clothes, to books, to woodworking, videos, anything!

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