Trouble making a product?

So maybe you’re struggling to make your own product, or if its a physical product your going for maybe you don’t have the capital to get it created in mass quantities. Well, there are other ways of making some decent money online even if you don’t have a product of your own created just yet. Now this method can require some good digging and even may cost you a few bucks in the process to do it right but trust me, you’re going to want to do this the right way, or it could be just a big waste of time. Now i’m sure some of you have heard of affiliate marketing, and have probably heard that it can be an extremely lucrative business. Well this is all true, smaller affiliate marketers usually have to start from places that can be seen as rougher areas to be able to find a product of worth or products that are just difficult to make sales on. It’s when you make a name for you self and have a portfolio worth showing you get to products and affiliate sites worth your time. Also, I’m going to break a huge secret right now and tell you it takes just as much work to sell a $15.00 dollar item as it does to sell a $1,500.00 dollar item. You just have to know your clientele and sell properly priced items to that target audience.

So, where do you start? Well there are a few places you can start from the ground up. One of them is called Now Clickbank is a super popular site for small time affiliate marketers, and i’ll be honest a lot of the products on the site are just complete shit hands down. And it is a complete waste of time to sell a product you feel is complete shit. Don’t get stuck on how high the payout is for the affiliate, it means absolutely nothing if you can’t make a sale. Now they host a plethora of products ranging in huge variations in price and anything from gardening to online gaming, it’s a pretty extraordinary library of items, in which you need to find a topic in which you are knowledgeable. Once you have that picked out, you really need to find a product that you yourself could actually imagine buying. Maybe its for cooking, and you can honestly see this pan or skillet you are looking at really save time or reduce the hassle of dinner time cooking for you. Then I want you to buy it, yes buy it. Then use it, know it inside and out, what do you love about it? How about what you hate about it? These are all super important facts people are going to want to know before purchasing anything. Again why buy form you when they have Wal-Mart and Amazon? When people can feel a real connection and relate to why this product is so good, and can be given honest opinions about what isn’t so great about it, people are more compelled to buy something from you. It’s always going to come back to human connection hands down. And if i didn’t make anything clear, or you have any questions, please email me at, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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