Helpful Automation Tool’s #1

So, now we have an idea of how to get our hands on a product, whether its your own or someone else’s which is super exciting right? Well now lets talk about some tools that will help us keep engaged with our audience without actually having to think about each and everyone of them and when they became a subscriber or follower. Things can get really confusing fast especially if you begin to grow quick if you try to keep things manual, though its not impossible. I’m talking of course about using an auto responder. Now this is a vital piece of software if you’re going down a route where you either initially gain the persons email or its down the line. Some of the things an auto responder is amazing at doing, it’s able to instantly welcome a subscriber anytime day or night with a special message you write. You’re able to set up timed messages maybe for an upcoming discount or just to keep them informed on your new up and coming products. and you can mass email everyone all at one time as well, for instance you might be having a 50% off flash sale and its a 24 hours only thing, how cool is that? So there are plenty of amazing auto responders out there I’ll name a few of them you can check out for your self here. I have either used or still used all of these before as well and can vouch that they are all amazing in there own ways and most have some kind of free sign trial which is even better. At the moment the auto responder that I’m using for my business is Aweber which has a 30 day free trial and is only $19 After that. And it’s got a plethora of fancy tools and gadgets to keep your audience well informed on what your business is up to. Another one is Get Response which also has a free trial as well, and is comparably just as amazing with how simple it is to get emails and sign up forms up and running in a matter of minutes. The next one i’d recommend is Constant Contact, again another top dog in the auto responder scene with all the tools you could ever want. Next is Mailchimp which works a bit differently in the sense of a free trial. They wont charge you a penny until you cross the 500 subscriber contact line. But they do limit you with the amount of tools you can use until you begin paying for a higher tier service. Now there are more expensive bigger platforms that you can look at if you’re becoming a big dog in the email marketing scene. But the ones posted above I believe are great for beginner to intermediates, and have some variation of free use which is great for learning how to properly utilize the auto responder.

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