Creating your own products.

Who’s ready to get into the good stuff yeah? Lets talk about making your own product based around that passion. There are literally so many things you can do based around your niche to help generate some revenue, a few have been brought up but we will start to heavily explain some of them. So lets just assume you aren’t able to create a physical product just yet, or at the most you are only able to make a few and not mass produce. How are you able to make money with nothing physical? Well one of my absolute favorite ways to go about it is creating a very pretty, very well detailed E-book. And when people hear that they get nervous and act like there is no way in hell they could ever write a book. But that’s the beauty of an E-book, they are usually anywhere from 15-50 pages, depending on how detailed you want to get. So lets break down an E-book, and lets say your niche is gardening, more specifically how to grow fresh tomatoes. Remember you want to keep your idea very targeted and detailed, and obviously make sure you have a healthy amount of knowledge about the steps you will be writing about. And after that its pretty self explanatory. There are a few places you can go to start making an E-book and even download and publish it for free like They show you exactly how to get started, help you publish, and even allow you to download your book so you can take it elsewhere. Or Later on when we start to build your email list, we can share it with your subscribers list. And the great thing about a “how to” E-books is you can easily sell them, priced usually between $7 – $19 dollars. And its super empowering being able to look at a book you’ve created, judge it yourself, price it accordingly, and make that first sale. I’m telling you there is almost no better feeling in the world when you make that first sale, its one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I have ever felt in my own opinion.

So lets start a layout of this e-book based around growing tomatoes. You want to lay it out exactly the way you enjoy learning, that way it flows the most natural coming from you. I like to start mine with a nice hello, and a very small “hi this is me blurp” in the intro. After that dig right into alright step one, maybe your step one is, lets talk about the different kind of soils tomatoes like, and always give evidence and reasoning on why you are selecting the soil you do, not just because its cheap or because you like it. It has to be something you really believe works well. So you explain why you think soil A works much better than Soils B C and D. Maybe with step two its all about the location and amount of sunlight these plants receive. Again facts facts facts, and reasons behind why. what were doing here is absolutely filling our customers head with value and knowledge in the easiest to digest way possible, after all, they most likely could have found all this info by themselves on the internet, but that’s time consuming and people love to save time. Were going to get into what im about to say very soon, but if you’re familiar with affiliate sales, you could easily throw links in for the soils, pots, plant foods, and more where every time someone visits or makes a sale, you get a small percentage of the sale kicked back to you as a thank you and all you have to do is promote the E-book. Exciting I know, and were going to talk all about that very soon.

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