Creating free value for customers

Creating free value is absolutely the best way to build trust with your clientele. It all goes back to the old, “try it before you buy it” mentality. Lets take Netflix for example, they’re a monster corporation who to this day still uses this method to build trust and rapport with someone who has never used their services before. They offer you a free 30 day trial with zero credit card information so you can easily test drive what they have to off you before ever making a commitment with any kind of money obligations. And you my friend can easily mimic this process! Lets say for example your zone of business revolves around teaching people to play the drums. Well for example lets say you offer an online training course designed to take you from beginner to advanced in 90 days and its composed of 15 modules. The best thing you can do is literally give away your first few modules for free! Maybe modules 1-3 are free and they really begin to get you into the rhythm of a few basic beats on the drums. Well now that customer knows whether they can legit learn from your teaching style or not, or even how much they like it, all without ever spending a dime, which is pure value to that customer. And now that they have a taste of what they are able to learn from you some will be dying to learn all they can and have no issues paying you. As long as the quality of your content is always increasing the value that the customer is receiving and you deliver what you promise, you will have earned a customer for life. And that’s just one of many many ways you can create free value. Maybe you have them follow your social media and once a week you post different variations of 2 minute easy to learn tricks with the drums, or even just give inspiration through words. people under estimate how powerful inspiration is, it’s so easy to lose sight of goals, and when you inspire someone to do better or push them selves you can sometimes create a whole new mindset for that person and change their lives! We have all been inspired by someone, just think of how that person impacted your life in a positive way!

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