A little bit about me.

Well, hello. My name is Ghage (Said like gauge) and I just want to give you a little incite about who I am and what I plan on trying to accomplish with my new online endeavors. I have been dabbling in online marketing, affiliate marketing, advertising, basically anything to do with learning to sell a product of any kind through online means. I started dabbling back in 2013 and became extremely interested and invested in 2015. I began learning all I could, from how to make ads, to finding products, to building email lists, you get the picture. All this new info I was learning lit a fire inside of me, a burning desire to become wealthy and set my family and friends free. And i would go to any length to reach that goal, and since you landed here on I can only assume that you have like minded goals. But maybe you don’t know where to start, or are digging for all the information you can just like I was, and still am today. Well I can assure you right now, my personal goal with this website is to take you by the hand as best as I can and teach you all I have learned so far and just fill your head with as much possible value as I can. Also I want you to know that there is a real person behind this website and not just a business. So if you ever have a question that you can seem to find the answer to, I would love you to email me directly at Business.Casper@Yahoo.com. And if you’d like free information on anything I’m researching or learning at the moment, throw your email info it the contact form and I’ll keep you up to date on everything. Again I am here for you, and if I don’t know the answer I’ll do my best to find it.

New to this? Good, lets get started

I believe that to really make it in this kind of business you have to have a passion or a burning desire towards something. Maybe it’s a hobby that brings nothing but joy to your life. Or maybe you have an amazing skill that you want to share with the world. no matter how big or small it is as long as it means something to you, and you care deeply about you can absolutely make it in the online world of sales. And that’s where you will unlock the massive potential to create wealth. When you deeply care about something it just becomes so much easier to build a rapport or human connection with someone who is even slightly interested in what you have to offer, or teach, or even just show. And human connection is literally everything when it comes to making any kind of money, online or not. So your first big homework assignment is digging deep inside and having a good conversation with yourself about what you really care about in life. It can literally be anything (lets hope it’s legal lol) from fishing, to clothes, to books, to woodworking, videos, anything!

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Fitting your passion to a niche.

So you’ve dug deep inside and found something you have a strong passion for. Perfect, now lets fit that passion into a niche category. Now if you don’t know or understand the word niche that’s alright, a basic break down of the word is ” Niche marketing is defined as channeling all marketing efforts towards one well-defined segment of the population. There is one important thing to understand that ‘niche’ does not exist, but is created by smart marketing techniques and identifying what the customer wants.” Which simply put, were going to take an issue or problem that people have when it comes to what your passion is, and either, fix it, make it less complicated, easier to obtain, just something to simplify the product or process. Of course there is other things we can do as well, like delivering knowledge through small easy to read E-books, webinars, or videos.

Let’s get into some examples yeah? So I was having basically this exact conversation with one of my best buddies, and he found that he had a few passions which is amazing, but his biggest one by far was woodworking, and turning wood to make bowls, pens, tool handles, and even just art in general. Now he wants to start taking these pieces of art and selling them for money. Now that is an amazing beginning to want to start a business around your passion, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with a small business like that. i’m going to walk you through how he could basically triple his money by taking just a few extra steps. We have an understanding that he’s already going to create the product and sell it. Now what if instead of just making the product in his garage taking a few pictures and selling it, he instead, made a well done how to video with step by step instructions all while making the same piece of art he was going to make in the first place. He could then take that video and post it a few places, while maybe capturing emails, or getting people to follow his social media or even better both. Now lets take it even further. Lets say he’s got some traction going with a few videos doing what we said above and has a few people interested in learning how he does what he does. Well now were to the point where he could host a class, either in person, or what I recommend, is through a paid webinar service where people can learn from the comforts of their own home still, but have the option of asking questions in real time where he can give high quality answers, and the whole time the class is being given, its also being recorded which he can then save and put that exact video behind a paywall system where people who missed the webinar can pay for it at a later date, and still get the same high quality training. and just by doing those few extra steps, you have now given your business the opportunity to at the very least triple your different options. And any smart business owner knows to always be expanding the ways your company is able to generate revenue. The more lanes you have, the faster you can put it right back into your business and potentially explode your growth. So hopefully with this small post, we have kick started some juices and have you pumped to either start or expand your business.

Below here are some of my buddy’s pieces of artwork hes made, His name is Preston Delaney, And woodworking is his absolute passion.

Creating your own products.

Who’s ready to get into the good stuff yeah? Lets talk about making your own product based around that passion. There are literally so many things you can do based around your niche to help generate some revenue, a few have been brought up but we will start to heavily explain some of them. So lets just assume you aren’t able to create a physical product just yet, or at the most you are only able to make a few and not mass produce. How are you able to make money with nothing physical? Well one of my absolute favorite ways to go about it is creating a very pretty, very well detailed E-book. And when people hear that they get nervous and act like there is no way in hell they could ever write a book. But that’s the beauty of an E-book, they are usually anywhere from 15-50 pages, depending on how detailed you want to get. So lets break down an E-book, and lets say your niche is gardening, more specifically how to grow fresh tomatoes. Remember you want to keep your idea very targeted and detailed, and obviously make sure you have a healthy amount of knowledge about the steps you will be writing about. And after that its pretty self explanatory. There are a few places you can go to start making an E-book and even download and publish it for free like Visme.co. They show you exactly how to get started, help you publish, and even allow you to download your book so you can take it elsewhere. Or Later on when we start to build your email list, we can share it with your subscribers list. And the great thing about a “how to” E-books is you can easily sell them, priced usually between $7 – $19 dollars. And its super empowering being able to look at a book you’ve created, judge it yourself, price it accordingly, and make that first sale. I’m telling you there is almost no better feeling in the world when you make that first sale, its one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I have ever felt in my own opinion.

So lets start a layout of this e-book based around growing tomatoes. You want to lay it out exactly the way you enjoy learning, that way it flows the most natural coming from you. I like to start mine with a nice hello, and a very small “hi this is me blurp” in the intro. After that dig right into alright step one, maybe your step one is, lets talk about the different kind of soils tomatoes like, and always give evidence and reasoning on why you are selecting the soil you do, not just because its cheap or because you like it. It has to be something you really believe works well. So you explain why you think soil A works much better than Soils B C and D. Maybe with step two its all about the location and amount of sunlight these plants receive. Again facts facts facts, and reasons behind why. what were doing here is absolutely filling our customers head with value and knowledge in the easiest to digest way possible, after all, they most likely could have found all this info by themselves on the internet, but that’s time consuming and people love to save time. Were going to get into what im about to say very soon, but if you’re familiar with affiliate sales, you could easily throw links in for the soils, pots, plant foods, and more where every time someone visits or makes a sale, you get a small percentage of the sale kicked back to you as a thank you and all you have to do is promote the E-book. Exciting I know, and were going to talk all about that very soon.

Trouble making a product?

So maybe you’re struggling to make your own product, or if its a physical product your going for maybe you don’t have the capital to get it created in mass quantities. Well, there are other ways of making some decent money online even if you don’t have a product of your own created just yet. Now this method can require some good digging and even may cost you a few bucks in the process to do it right but trust me, you’re going to want to do this the right way, or it could be just a big waste of time. Now i’m sure some of you have heard of affiliate marketing, and have probably heard that it can be an extremely lucrative business. Well this is all true, smaller affiliate marketers usually have to start from places that can be seen as rougher areas to be able to find a product of worth or products that are just difficult to make sales on. It’s when you make a name for you self and have a portfolio worth showing you get to products and affiliate sites worth your time. Also, I’m going to break a huge secret right now and tell you it takes just as much work to sell a $15.00 dollar item as it does to sell a $1,500.00 dollar item. You just have to know your clientele and sell properly priced items to that target audience.

So, where do you start? Well there are a few places you can start from the ground up. One of them is called Clickbank.com. Now Clickbank is a super popular site for small time affiliate marketers, and i’ll be honest a lot of the products on the site are just complete shit hands down. And it is a complete waste of time to sell a product you feel is complete shit. Don’t get stuck on how high the payout is for the affiliate, it means absolutely nothing if you can’t make a sale. Now they host a plethora of products ranging in huge variations in price and anything from gardening to online gaming, it’s a pretty extraordinary library of items, in which you need to find a topic in which you are knowledgeable. Once you have that picked out, you really need to find a product that you yourself could actually imagine buying. Maybe its for cooking, and you can honestly see this pan or skillet you are looking at really save time or reduce the hassle of dinner time cooking for you. Then I want you to buy it, yes buy it. Then use it, know it inside and out, what do you love about it? How about what you hate about it? These are all super important facts people are going to want to know before purchasing anything. Again why buy form you when they have Wal-Mart and Amazon? When people can feel a real connection and relate to why this product is so good, and can be given honest opinions about what isn’t so great about it, people are more compelled to buy something from you. It’s always going to come back to human connection hands down. And if i didn’t make anything clear, or you have any questions, please email me at Business.casper@yahoo.com, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Helpful Automation Tool’s #1

So, now we have an idea of how to get our hands on a product, whether its your own or someone else’s which is super exciting right? Well now lets talk about some tools that will help us keep engaged with our audience without actually having to think about each and everyone of them and when they became a subscriber or follower. Things can get really confusing fast especially if you begin to grow quick if you try to keep things manual, though its not impossible. I’m talking of course about using an auto responder. Now this is a vital piece of software if you’re going down a route where you either initially gain the persons email or its down the line. Some of the things an auto responder is amazing at doing, it’s able to instantly welcome a subscriber anytime day or night with a special message you write. You’re able to set up timed messages maybe for an upcoming discount or just to keep them informed on your new up and coming products. and you can mass email everyone all at one time as well, for instance you might be having a 50% off flash sale and its a 24 hours only thing, how cool is that? So there are plenty of amazing auto responders out there I’ll name a few of them you can check out for your self here. I have either used or still used all of these before as well and can vouch that they are all amazing in there own ways and most have some kind of free sign trial which is even better. At the moment the auto responder that I’m using for my business is Aweber which has a 30 day free trial and is only $19 After that. And it’s got a plethora of fancy tools and gadgets to keep your audience well informed on what your business is up to. Another one is Get Response which also has a free trial as well, and is comparably just as amazing with how simple it is to get emails and sign up forms up and running in a matter of minutes. The next one i’d recommend is Constant Contact, again another top dog in the auto responder scene with all the tools you could ever want. Next is Mailchimp which works a bit differently in the sense of a free trial. They wont charge you a penny until you cross the 500 subscriber contact line. But they do limit you with the amount of tools you can use until you begin paying for a higher tier service. Now there are more expensive bigger platforms that you can look at if you’re becoming a big dog in the email marketing scene. But the ones posted above I believe are great for beginner to intermediates, and have some variation of free use which is great for learning how to properly utilize the auto responder.

Creating free value for customers

Creating free value is absolutely the best way to build trust with your clientele. It all goes back to the old, “try it before you buy it” mentality. Lets take Netflix for example, they’re a monster corporation who to this day still uses this method to build trust and rapport with someone who has never used their services before. They offer you a free 30 day trial with zero credit card information so you can easily test drive what they have to off you before ever making a commitment with any kind of money obligations. And you my friend can easily mimic this process! Lets say for example your zone of business revolves around teaching people to play the drums. Well for example lets say you offer an online training course designed to take you from beginner to advanced in 90 days and its composed of 15 modules. The best thing you can do is literally give away your first few modules for free! Maybe modules 1-3 are free and they really begin to get you into the rhythm of a few basic beats on the drums. Well now that customer knows whether they can legit learn from your teaching style or not, or even how much they like it, all without ever spending a dime, which is pure value to that customer. And now that they have a taste of what they are able to learn from you some will be dying to learn all they can and have no issues paying you. As long as the quality of your content is always increasing the value that the customer is receiving and you deliver what you promise, you will have earned a customer for life. And that’s just one of many many ways you can create free value. Maybe you have them follow your social media and once a week you post different variations of 2 minute easy to learn tricks with the drums, or even just give inspiration through words. people under estimate how powerful inspiration is, it’s so easy to lose sight of goals, and when you inspire someone to do better or push them selves you can sometimes create a whole new mindset for that person and change their lives! We have all been inspired by someone, just think of how that person impacted your life in a positive way!

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